You should join a community garden

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Hi all, again thank you for taking the time to read my musings on gardening at home and in the community. we are lucky and I really mean truly lucky to own a good size property which allows us to have a good size vegetable patch and summer flowers in our boarders. I feel for those who may not have an area to really have a vegetable patch or an area for growing flowers. Community gardens are springing up in a lot of communities and provide space to grow vege and flowers. You get to meet like mind people who enjoy the prospect of growing and harvesting produce, with the added benefit of making new friends.

Also online there is a growing community of gardeners who enjoy passing on there ideas and knowledge. Facebook is a great starting point, I have joined several groups and thoroughly enjoy all the contributions, pictures and comments. I am always surprised with the great gardening tips that pop up and certainly feel that I am part of a greater gardening community. If you have being watching Gardeners World with Monty Don and Adam Frost this season you would have seen all the very innovative home gardener videos sent in by everyday gardeners. These Videos show how even with the smallest of plots or balconies we can all have a go at growing something. even vertically, so have a go yourself.

cheers Steve

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