The dreaded Brussel Sprout

Well, another rainy day in Waimate district, our shrubs, trees, and vegetables are just loving it. But also my lawn is as well,, which I cut super short thinking that I wouldn't have to attend to them for a good couple of weeks. Now not really all that sure that is going to work out, I can see a good 2 cm on it already. Now, I am not sure what new Year resolution you have made to start the year off. As always we start off with grit and determination which slowly fades away with all grand plans nothing but a distant memory. But I am determined to see this one through. My resolution is to overcome my fear and pretty much the trauma of Brussel sprouts. The childhood memories of been confronted at the dinner table which bitter balls of green terror. I have been reading up on this vegetable in various blogs with many saying that it is much misunderstood and maligned vegetable; which when picked and cooked in the right way is delicious. Actually, a couple of weeks ago I posted a question about what childhood vegetables others did not like or enjoy. The response was interesting and Brussel sprouts were just about at the top of the list of disliked. So my plan is to grow, cook and eat some this year and darn well enjoy them. I intend to make space in my garden to grow them. Who is with me on this bold quest?. I imagine I will be alone on this one. If anyone has a good recipe for Brussel sprouts I would be interested in hearing about it.

Cheers Steve

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