Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A very good friend and I had a parting of ways yesterday after a good two years of almost daily contact at work. Together my reliable friend and I dug over 150 holes, a good number in tough gravel and rocky old river bed, we would have moved 8 odd cubic meters of pre-mix and endless bags of cement by hand. We shovelled wheelbarrows and wheelbarrows of mushroom compost and soil.

When the break up happened, I stood there in disbelief that it happened. Not in disappointment but in amazement it had taken so long to happen given what we had been through together. I heard an audible crack some weeks ago when I happened to be revisiting the riverbed site on our property, of course, I was asking my friend to do more than I should have in trying to pry a rock out of a hole. I stopped straight away and gingerly check, all seemed well, but I knew I had pushed my good mate too hard.

Oh, I am talking about my shovel. It was a good quality long-handled shovel. It was well constructed and had a good pedigree in terms of brands available on the market. I parted good money for it in terms of what I could afford at the time. Was it the best on the market? Probably not, but it was certainly more than I had spent in the past.

One thing I did know was that the workload ahead of me in building our garden center would be heavy and demanding. I knew that we couldn't afford too many if any contractors to come in to help with the many tasks ahead of us to complete our dream of starting a small business. So I knew I had to spend more to get a shovel that would be equal to the task.

I think my point is in this reflection, is if you can afford to step up and get a good or higher quality tool for gardening then you should try to. I know this is not an option at times, gee, when we were paying off the mortgage and raising the children buying a high-quality tool, was not an option.

I don't know how many cheap gardening shovels, spades, and forks we brought, but they all had one thing in common: they all quickly broke or bent!! They were not even worth taking back to the big box store they came from, so in the end, we probably should have saved and scrimped until we could have afforded better.

I know I broke my quality gardening tool, but I did put it through more than most and I am not upset by it breaking in half. I certainly received the value back in spades. (Excuse the pun)

Quality counts that's for sure. Well off to find a new friend cheers, Steve.

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