House Plants On tread

Well since starting our garden centre we have had many requests for house plants and in particular house plant pots + planter. The craze for house plants has almost out stripped supply. We have been in touch with a good number of suppliers who report they can barely keep up with demand. We have turned to the emerging cottage industry of suppliers who propagate house plants on a small scale. While the numbers that we can buy are small, they certainly help out. But I believe we can serve our customers better by having a very good and bountiful supply of pots, planter & containers for your lush and beautiful indoor plants.

We have a great stock of these instore and in our online shop have ordered even further stock to arrive. We have tended not buy in plastic pots & planter containers mainly to reduce the use of plastics in our garden centre.

Yes, they are good, they are certainly easy to keep clean and are available in a array of colours. But terracotta pottery is natural, tactile and beautiful to match your special indoor plant. There are many styles available, the choice is almost endless just like the endless choice of plants available for indoors.

Don't forget about other opportunities to enjoy gardening indoors, have you thought about bonsai. terrariums. What a great pastime and hobby to get into.

Indoor planter

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