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Back Paddock will be operating under the new traffic light rulings from Friday 3rd Dec 2021.

This will require visitors to our garden centre and cafe to sign in with the vaccine passports either by sight or scanning on the app. As we get busy at times we will take a sample of several and work on a high trust model with our customers.

Back Paddock supports all people in their right to choose whether or not to have the vaccine-related to the person's beliefs and values.

However, under the Worksafe risk assessment, Health and safety rules, Covid19 Protection Framework issued, and the mandate which requires frontline hospitality workers to be vaccinated to work safely.

In the light of this, we ask respectfully the unvaccinated person not to enter the Garden centre at this time. We have found this a tough decision to make but given the current pandemic and the legislation, we are bound to in order to stay open. Our hands are tied on this matter unfortunately

This is how we will have to trade until we go to the green light setting.

Kind regards Steve and Janet

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